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The True Doctrine Of The Globe Earth – A Scriptural View Of The Universe

The Bible describes a geocentric universe, with a sun that’s moving in a circuit, and an earth that is fixed.

The enemy is pushing the lie of heliocentrism, which led to the evil deception of evolution, which removes the importance of the earth and of mankind.

The enemy pushes this agenda to attack the credibility of the Genesis creation narrative, and the Creator.

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  1. Super book, David, thank you! It’s true, we believe most everything in scripture as literal, yet when it comes to the earth, we believe “science”. Yahweh created the heaven and the earth on the first day, and then made the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day. It wasn’t the other way around. Good connection. The scientific data put forth in the book is just icing on the cake.
    Either Scriptire is true or it isn’t, either we believe or we don’t. There is no middle ground. 😊

    1. Thank you for your comment Joseph! Yeah, it’s amazing how people overlook the clear statements in the Bible. I share your perspective about there being no middle ground! Keep learning and growing in The Way! David

  2. Great book. I’ve thought the same things for about 10 years now, especially the discrepancy with the larger online creation ministries. There is real double mindedness when a geocentric sphere Earth is mentioned.

    1. Thank you for your comment Scott! Yeah, it’s sad that the creation ministries don’t promote the Scriptures which point to a geocentric universe. Keep learning and growing in The Way! David

  3. Hi David,
    I have read and liked your books especially about the Geo and Flat Earth. I agree with almost all your points but am not sold yet on the round earth theory but do agree in the geo planets model.

    Would you consider writing a follow up book about ” the false doctrine of the Heliocentric Earth”?

    It would be a nice reference to have all false info about that model in one book.


    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your comment!
      I’m glad that you liked the books. There’s not much that I can write to counter the heliocentric model. I don’t get into scientific proofs, as people dismiss them. I just focus on what Scripture says in describing a geocentric universe, not a heliocentric one. And I believe that it describes a globe earth, not a flat one with a glass dome over it.

      I’m focused on explaining the fulfillment of The 70th Week Of Daniel 9, Messiah’s Olivet Discourse, and Messiah’s apocalyptic vision in Revelation.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way!

    1. Gerald, it looks like you requested it on 06/26/21, so the autoresponder should have sent you an email with the link that day.

      The autoresponder doesn’t send it again, which is why it didn’t send it for your 11/11/21 request.

      I’ll send you an email with the link.


  4. I didn’t believe the heliocentric model when I was in elementary school. I never knew about the geocentric model. The Flat Earthers don’t disagree with the geocentric model, They disagree with the shape of the earth is it flat or a ball. If it is a ball how will every eye see Jesus when he returns? You implied that the earth was a ball because the canopy of stars around it . You almost convinced me. Until I saw the drainpipe of the Pacific in Oregon. But I still need more proof is the earth a flat plane or a ball? Prove that to me please. Don’t imply it. Is it a globe? I really enjoyed your book. Lots of good information. Where does the sun go when we don’t see it, after it sets. To hasten to it’s rising point? Scripture say the firmament stretches out like a scroll(flat) not a sphere. What came first the dry land or the water. In the beginning was the earth like a bowl of water? How can every one on earth see the mazzaroth in a 24 hour period, see your picture on page 42. On the Flat earth model you could. Also every eye would see Jesus on a Flat Earth. I’m searching for answers to these questions.

    1. Cheryl, if the earth is flat, every eye can’t see the North Star, every eye can’t can’t see the sun when it’s on the opposite side, so that means that every eye would not be able to see Messiah’s return.

      The most basic proof that the earth is not flat is that the sun and moon rise up from below the horizon at full size, they stay the same size all the way across the sky, and then they set below the horizon at full size.

      If the earth was flat, they would appear as a small dot above the horizon, grow dynamically in size until they’re overhead, and then appear to shrink in size down to a small dot that disappears above the western horizon. But that is not what we see!

      Psalm 19 tells us that the sun runs its course in a circuit, so at sundown it gets dark fast as the sun moves around the earth and the light is blocked from the sky above us. The sun continues its circuit during the night and reappears on the circuit on the eastern horizon.

      If you haven’t read it, you can get a copy of my book and the Geocentric Universe @

  5. David,
    Why is it on some days. I can see the sun and moon in the sky at the same time. The sun in the east and the moon in the west?

    1. Cheryl, I’m not understanding why you think that the sun and moon shouldn’t appear in the sky at the same time. The sun has a 30.4 day cycle, the moon has a 29.5 day cycle, so they’re out of sync. This is how the phases of the moon appear, as the sun appears closer to the moon and then moves away, so that we only see the illuminated side.

      1. David,
        The moon reflects the light of the sun according to the heliocentric “theory,”
        BUT not when in direct view of the sun ?

        The moon doesn’t reflect light from the sun, Cheryl is right, the moon should be full when in direct sunlight ?

        I sent for your geocentric book, thank you,
        but I see from your comments that you still imagine you live on a ball with upside down oceans ?
        Job 37,
        18 Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?

        I picture God, on his throne, ABOVE the stars, “on a sea of glass, clear as crystal,” looking down from above Polaris, on his stationary geocentric earth, which is his footstool, with the stars circling Polaris,
        and the emerald rainbow around his throne we see as the Northern Lights ?)

        6 And God said, Let there be “a firmament” in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
        7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were ABOVE the firmament: and it was so.
        8 And God called the firmament Heaven.

        (the stars are IN the firmament, Gods throne is ABOVE the stars ?) the devils throne is exalted by hundreds of billions of lightyears ABOVE the stars of God ?
        Joshua 10, and Isaiah 14 warned of this deception 3,400 and 2,700 years ago ?

        “There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed,” and the whole world in 2022 believes Copernicus, and scoffs at empirical Biblical cosmology that describes an earth centered creation ?

        Does God share his glory with Copernicus ?

        1. Since you don’t believe that the sun illuminates the moon, please explain to me how the moon illuminates itself to display the different phases. What causes the illuminated area to grow in size from a sliver to fully illuminated and then back to a sliver during the 29.5 day cycle?

          Please explain to me how the full moon rises at full size from below the eastern horizon, stays the same size all the way across the sky, and then sets at full size below the western horizon?

          I cover the Bible verses that flat earthers cite in my The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth book, which you can request for free @

          Copernicus in the forward of his book proclaimed that he knew that the astronomers of his day would mock him for his heliocentric explanation, as they believed in the geocentric universe with the globe earth at the center. So no, God doesn’t share his glory with Copernicus.

  6. I enjoyed your book which confirmed my suspicions about the part played in the deception by the Roman Catholic church – no surprise there! Having read books by Edwin hendrie, Eric dubay, William carpenter and others, I cannot agree with your belief that the earth is a globe and, more importantly, the bible does not support this view. Your comments about the north star seem to me to support a flat earth rather than a globe since the star is directly north (I e above the centre) and ‘south’ forms the entire perimeter of the earth. The star would become invisible only to someone below the horizon. Also, how do you explain the oceans remaining in place on a globe, or people for that matter?

    1. Actually Kathy, the Bible does support the globe earth view, which I explained in my book. As for your question about the oceans or people remaining in place on a globe, they are held in place by whatever force that draws them to the earth. Every ounce of matter, every drop of water, is drawn down to the earth, keeping everything in place.

  7. hi David, huge fan I read your 4 books and I am blown away and forever in debit to you for the years of research you saved me by reading your books especially revelation timeliness. I don’t know how you did it, I read and it seams like there was an army of researchers to be able to produce something so detailed and exact… truly amazing work and blessed by God almighty. after reading the 3 books I noticed your link on geocentrism and went into research mode… really got into it and discovered a lot.. stationary earth is a no brainer, all evidence shows earth does not move..
    I read your book true doctorine of the globe earth and have some questions.. full disclosure I ordered Gleason flat earth maps and did some testing and every time I test earth comes up flat. so here’s my simple questions from simple observations.. fyi.. 6 months ago I thought we were on a spinning ball of water rotating around the sun..
    here we go. #1 the compass points toward the north pole maybe not exact but close enough to use for our observations.. so if 4 people stand 100 miles in all 4 directions from north pole all 4 will point in opposite and very different directions for south which is OK, the issue is when they all point east they are all pointing different directions and same with west. so it’s immpossible on a globe earth model for all countries and cities of the world to have the sun rise from east and set in west… yet every country and city does.. its only possible on flat earth where n,s,e,w are relative to where you stand on earth.. the circle path of sun and moon work perfect
    #2. all circles of the earth have basically same temp every day and all year long no matter which side of the earth you are in.. ex: tropic of Capricorn in December its hot around 77 -80 all over the world if you fall on that circle… same with equator, topic of cancer artic circle, etc same Temps every day every time of year, temp changes as sun at 3000 miles away moves between cancer and Capricorn approx distance of 3200 miles ever 6 months.. thats why tropic of cancer gets cold in our summer because it’s circling tropic of cancer 3200 miles further away.. its why arctic circle and antartic circles stays cold always.
    #3 if sun is 93 million miles away. how is it possible for fla and Massachusetts to be such different Temps or even mass and newhampshire 30 minutes away but different temps.. how is this possible..
    I have many more but these observations blow me away.. I look at the evidence and I go to you because other than God and Jesus and the word of God, you my friend are my most trustworthy source for truth. I value your opinion more than any man.
    God bless.. keep up the great work
    i just bought 5 more of revelation timeline and 2 more of the other 3 books.. you are a blessing.

    1. Hi Marko, thank you for your comment. There was an army of researchers who produced the explanations in the books, including Adam Clarke, Albert Barnes, Henry Grattan Guinness, John Gill, Matthew Poole, Joseph Benson and others. I’m blessed to stand on the shoulders of those great men to help the end-times saint understand the historicist narrative of prophecy fulfillment, which the enemy has worked hard to hide.

      That’s great that you study the design of the universe, as most people blindly trust what they’re taught. The Bible clearly teaches a geocentric universe. As for your three points, I don’t see them as proofs of a flat earth, but I have no desire to get into a discussion about scientific things. I give my best explanations on this website.

      Keep learning and growing in The Way of Messiah!

  8. Hi David, I loved your book. I had no idea the zodiac was about Christ. I was thinking with all the “light” pollution the only constellation I can see is Orion, the light breaking forth through the Redeemer. Fitting description of the false light bearer trying to obscure our Father, no? I guess it really doesn’t matter if the earth is flat or not, but if the flat earth people are lying they are really going out of their way, because some of their experiments and demonstrations are really convincing. My prayer would be that people don’t get divided over this issue, because at least to believe the earth is at the center is a triumphant overcoming of Satan’s lies! Bless you.

    1. Thank you for your comment and support Allyn! Yeah, the Gospel in the stars has been hidden from the saints. I want to learn more about how the alignment of the planets through the constellations has prophetic meanings, but there’s only so much time in the day.

      Yeah, the main point is to see that the heliocentric model is a deception which is used to promote the evil doctrine of evolution.

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