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The True Doctrine Of The Globe Earth – A Scriptural View Of The Universe

The Bible describes a geocentric universe, with a sun that’s moving in a circuit, and an earth that is fixed.

The enemy is pushing the lie of heliocentrism, which led to the evil deception of evolution, which removes the importance of the earth and of mankind.

The enemy pushes this agenda to attack the credibility of the Genesis creation narrative, and the Creator.

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  1. This was an amazing read! It was simple enough for anyone to read yet gave so much revelation on the subject. It does a great job of showing us all that we were in fact created for and have a purpose and that everything we experience is not just happenstance or a lucky mistake. Kudos to the author for allowing himself to be used of our Creator so wondrously!

    1. Thank you for your comment Devin! I certainly learned a lot, as I studied what flat-earthers were proclaiming. The enemy is slick, and has hidden the geocentric globe earth model. If you purchased the book from Amazon, please post a review of the book for me, to help others see the truth. Thank you and may our Heavenly Father bless and keep you! David

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